What is our mission?
Bring a stronger presence of film to Davis County

Put on display the wonderful talents of the people in our own county.

Tell an amazing story, one that is artful and heart full.

Build community pride.

Create an atmosphere where a love for film and film education can grow.
What type of story ideas or screenplays are we looking for?
1. A well told story that a whole community of people and families can enjoy.

2. Any true stories that reflect on the human condition (can be local or not).
Urban Legends.

3. A creative modern adaptation of a story from classic plays or literature that’s public domain.

4. Something completely original that you feel would appease an audience through a whole film.

5. Pretty much anything the general public, community, and families would love to spend their money on and sit through two hours of.

6. A script that could be produced and filmed entirely in Davis County.
What can a writer expect coming in to this project if they submit just an idea?
1. The group will work along side the writer and create it’s structure and characters and the writer will piece it all together in their own creative way.

2. The writer will receive no compensation for the idea, but will retain all story/film ownership.

3. They will receive story credit but screenplay credit will be shared with those in the group who work on its creation.
What can a writer expect if they submit their own original screenplay?
1. They will retain all rights to the original work granting the group all the rights to use it in their film and for promotional purposes, but they can sell and make it into whatever else they would like to.

2. They will receive full “Written By” credit in the film.

3. If needed, the group reserves the right to change content, characters, or story lines where they seem fit (always counseling with the writer during the process).
What can any cast/crew member expect?
1. A really good time and a chance to be a part of a project bigger than ourselves.

2. Exposure, credit, and clips for their own resume and reel.

3. A chance to experience what it’s like to make a film.

4. A Learning environment.

5. Established connections with like-minded filmmakers.

6. Their work will be solely volunteer.
Wherever does the donation money go?
1. Equipment and location rentals/repairs.

2. Make up, props, sets, and wardrobe.

3. Transportation expenses.

4. Final DCP Mastering of the film for Theatrical release

5. Building rental for meetings and classes.

6. Distribution costs and advertising.

7. Film Festival Submissions.

8. Media ingest and management tools (i.e. hard drives, archives, cards).

9. Craft Services.
If I don’t know anything about filmmaking but still want to be involved what can I bring to the table?
The great thing about any finished film project is that it’s a humongous symphony of people from all walks of life. Come to us, tell us your talent, tell us what you’d like to do or learn, and we can find a place for you.
What would be my time commitment?
This depends on what position you fill but everyone will working around their own schedules. We will coordinate with you to make sure you are on set the day you need to be there.

1. Leads. Plan on filming with us almost every month we film.

2. Supporting cast. Here and there you will be involved but you will not need to show up everyday.

3. Director of Photography. Will be an almost everyday event for the camera guy and probably one of the bigger commitments. We will look for more than one if this becomes a problem.

4. Crew This will be rotated, but those who want to be around for the whole filming process will be allowed to, unless you’re really mean.
Can I just drop my kids off and just let them watch?
Depending on the day we can allow this, but we reserve the right to kick anyone off set that is misbehaving or disrupting the filming process.
Where will this Film be shown?
We will have a premiere party where all involved can invite a few guests to attend. Later there will be a public release.

We are looking to show the film in Local theaters: Layton, Centerville, Farmington, Syracuse, and Kaysville. We will also submit the film to festivals and expand to other national markets as the demand requires.
Who owns the film?
1. Those of the board will have ownership and will oversee all distribution duplication etc. The excess profit from the first production will go to the next film project and a small percentage may go to a charity of our choice.

2. Should we use someone’s written work for our script they will be owners of the script and we will own the movie. ( i.e. They would have the rights to sell the story to whoever they want).

3. Should we use any band’s previously recorded music, or any one else’s previously created creative work they will own that music, but allow us to use it in our movie and film promotions as much as we would like.

4. If we step in and make a screenplay out of an idea or short story from someone else, we will retain the rights with a small percentage going to the ideator.

5. All works created for this project: music, artwork, etc. we will retain full ownership of. All monies from sales of those assets go to the next project.

6. All footage captured by the group will be placed on as many hard drives as required to let everyone walk off with all of the original footage for their own purpose.

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